Caring for Horses

Caring for Horses

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

Caring for horses is a huge task. As any horse owner knows, there’s always new information available about horse health. Staying up-to-date can be difficult for anyone, even those especially committed to caring for horses. Luckily for you, iFEED Technology is bringing you the latest and greatest information on horse health. Get reading!

Caring for your horses isn’t as simple as it sounds. So, let’s go back to the basics. Feeding your horse can have a BIG impact on their health. Plus, it isn’t just WHAT you are feeding your horse. HOW you feed you horse is just as important!

A quick reminder for those that missed this lecture in biology. Horses don’t eat like humans. They’re built to be grazing animals, which means that their digestive system are set up to constantly have small amounts of food in their stomach. Unlike humans, horses always have digestive juices in their stomach, which can lead to big problems if there’s no food in to digest.

Now, if you are caring for your horses like humans, then you may cause them unnecessary pain or troubles. The iFEED system is here to help you care for your horses, like nature intended.

How does the iFEED system work? Our programmable iFEEDers can distribute up to 720 small portions to your horse in a 24 hour period. Think about how much easier it would be caring for your horses with the iFEED system. Feeding your horses would be simpler AND would be better for your horses’ health, too!

To find out more about the iFEED system, or get started with a complete iFEED Starter Pack. Contact us today to learn more, visit the Success Stories page to see real results, or shop our products on the Products page!

Caring for Horses
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