Amazing quality horse grain

Amazing quality horse grain

iFEED Automatic Horse Feeders

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We all want the best for our horses. We would never purposely put them in any harms way. Feeding your horses grain 1-3 times a day in sufficient amounts is the common way to feed your friend. However, it is best to feed the horse dozens or even hundreds of times a day but in small portions. I know what your thinking, no one has that time. You’re right, people have busy lives with work and family, but you don’t want to put your large friend through digestive distress. iFeed is an automatic food dispenser who will feed your horse the correct amount of horse grain that they need.. This way your horse can eat properly and you can still go about your day without worrying about future digestive health problems.

Why you should get one?
Feeding horse grain to your horse in large quantities only a couple times a day can significantly impact their digestive system. With an automatic food dispenser it allows for the stomach and salivary glands to digest and absorb food properly. This reduces the risk of colic and ulcers, with the less stress and agitation during feeding times it can save up to 30% in feed. Nobody thought there was a specific way to feed horse grain, but since there is, iFEED is here to help!

Why iFeed?
Automatic dispensers can hold up to 12 pounds of horse grain and it is the only automatic feed dispenser that is patented with a no-clog activator, no other feeder on the market activates the fed in this manner! You can have complete control of when, how often and how much your horse eats! iFEED was developed in Denmark and has been in business since 1995. Our systems are being used everywhere from private individuals to large riding centers. Not convinced? Our iFEED systems have a 2 year limited warranty on all parts! Make the best investment for you and your horse today!

Amazing quality horse grain

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