A Hay Feeder That is Healthy for Your Horse

A Hay Feeder That is Healthy for Your Horse

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Horses are creatures that were meant to graze. They have small stomachs that constantly produce acid, but only produce saliva when they chew. This means eating alot of food at once, which is what they do when eating out of a traditional hay feeder, can overload their digestive system. At iFEED, we understand how much your horse means to you, which is why we designed a hay feeder that mimics the grazing habits of horses, the way nature intended them to eat.

Our feeders at iFEED are designed to release food in portions that are similar to what a horse would eat while grazing. This way, the horse still gets the necessary amount of food, but in a way that works with its digestive system. Rather than just giving out all the feed at once like in a traditional feeder, our hay feeder works on a timer that you set, and releases feed in dozens of small portions, day and night. This way you can make sure your horse is eating the way it was meant to, without having to manually give it a small portion of food 15 times a day. The difference these iFEED feeders makes in a horse’s health is incredible. Our hay feeder is responsible for 50% less colic and 70% less ulcers.

Our hay feeder can save you money on feed, along with keeping your horse healthy. IFEED prevents overeating by letting you choose the portion size, and then releasing those portions over time. Although overeating is very bad for your horse (and your wallet), your horse doesn’t know this and will do it anyway. With iFEED, you can rest assured knowing your horse is getting the right amount of food, in a way its stomach is designed to handle. So if you want a hay feeder that allows your horse to eat the way nature intended, contact iFEED today!

A Hay Feeder That is Healthy for Your Horse

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